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Single Issue Collector Case

Fits single issues (current/modern and silver age)

Fits 20 issues (or 15 bagged and boarded)


Magnetic closure

Clean and classy: Add your own stickers or Alterna creator signatures!


Holographic Alterna logo on the front

Arrives shrink-wrapped and sealed


3 options:

1) Box only

2) Merch and Swag Option: 4 stickers, coaster, 3 magnets, 2 button pins

3) First Issue Option: 14 single issues bagged and boarded: The Chair, Eden (reprinted in ICYMI #12), Tinseltown, Trespasser, Red Koi, Blood Realm, Unit 44, The Mighty Mascots, Legends of Log, The Chair #1 (blank cover variant), Gods and Gears, It Came Out On A Wednesday, Cyko KO!, The Adventures of Mr. Crypt and Baron Rat

PRE-ORDER: Collector Case (Single Issues)

Single Issue Collector Case