Alterna AllStar SUBSCRIPTION UPDATE for 2020 & 2021

Hello readers!

Firstly, I'd like to thank you for your support this year.  It goes without saying that 2020 has been a difficult and trying year, filled with many different hurdles and problems.  We wouldn't be here without your support and while you could say this about any other year in our history, it rings truer this year for a multitude of reasons.

As you're well aware, this year has been marred by supply chain issues, delays, and more. Unfortunately, I have a feeling that 2021 will be more of the same. Because of that, we will not be offering subscriptions in 2021. We'll reassess the situation in 2022, but for next year it's just not right to ask you to purchase a subscription -- which centers around timeliness of delivery and specific books coming out at specific times -- when we aren't able to fully make those kinds of promises because of circumstances that are still beyond our control.

If you're a current subscriber, there will be delays on receiving the rest of your subscription, but you will receive the books you paid for. We expect about two more deliveries will be sent your way and all subscriptions to be closed out by March 2021.


Instead of offering subscriptions for next year, we'll incorporate a more "on the fly" release schedule that will keep us flexible and able to still release content without sticking to a set pattern of release (monthly, bimonthly, quarterly, etc.). Hopefully 2022 will see a return to efficiency and normalcy in regards to supply chain issues (and everything else, finger crossed) but we'll figure out how to cross that bridge when we get there.


We'll have pre-order campaigns on Indiegogo filled with fun exclusives once we have received completed books from our creators and once those books are sent to print, we'll list them on for pre-order for those that would rather go direct through us instead of Indiegogo -- this way you won't be waiting for more than a month or two for the comics you've pre-ordered.


I know this all might be disappointing news to some, but it's unfortunately the result of a situation that is not within our control and I just don't feel right offering a guarantee to you that I can't live up to by asking you to be a subscriber. I hope you all understand and will still be sticking with us next year as we adapt and move in this new (and hopefully temporary) direction.

For 2020 subscribers, your final shipment will include the following issues and will arrive to you in Spring 2021:

The XII #9

Downcast #2

Red Koi #4

Rad Rose #1

T-Bird and Throttle #2 of 4

Can’t Kill Cade #2

It Came Out On A Wednesday #15

Legends of Log #3

With utmost appreciation always!

Your publisher, Pete